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Keep Your Child Reading This Summer

Reading is a fundamental skill that children develop over time. It requires on-going practice, hence the saying, "children learn to read by reading."  This summer, it should be of utmost importance that you provide opportunities for your child to read.

Learn more about your child’s interests.  It becomes imperative therefore, that as a parent you get to know your child's interests and have your child select books that sparks his/her interest. Is your child interested in mysteries, comics, or poetry? Maybe your child would like to learn more about taking a care of a new pet, or how to play a new sport. Make reading fun.  Even the most reluctant reader will read if you target his/her interests. It becomes necessary to provide  your child with a variety of books.

Become engaged with your child in the reading process.  While your child is reading, ask questions to see if your child is comprehending what is being read.  Who, what, where, when, and why are some key questions to ask. A reading activity  and discussion about the book your child is reading may  tell you whether or not your child understood what was read.

 Develop a reading goal with rewards.  For example, over the summer develop a goal with your child to read 5-10 books. At each milestone, reward your child with verbal praise and recognition or special treats. Keep a reading log to track your child’s progress and to help motivate your child. As your child sees the progress, the more motivated he /she becomes.

Model reading for your child.   When your child sees you reading, he/she will learn that reading can be fun and relaxing. Share your books by discussing them  with your child and letting your child ask you questions about your books, just like you ask questions about the books he/she reads.

Read  aloud to your child.  Children like to be read to, this will help your child to learn how to pronounce words and become fluent. Also, reading together as a family helps to create one-on-one time with your child.

Have fun reading this summer!


Beverly Grant, MS Ed, Educational Consultant


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