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School is Back in Session, Are You Ready?

So, school is in! Are you prepared? Are the children ready? And how can we transition them back to the reality of vacation is over. Getting ready to return to school, after a long vacation, can be challenging not only for your child but also for us, the parents.   There are adjustments to be made -hosts of them- ranging from bedtime hours, getting up  on time in the mornings, homework routines, preparing box lunches, checking book bags- to name a few. Since so much responsibility rests with the parents, we have decided to create a checklist for you that will be beneficial in helping you and your child organize for the new school year.

As a starter, however, we urge that you take time out to create a random list of all the things you have to do to prepare your child to start out on the right foot and in a positive way. In other words, create a readiness plan. Once you have your thoughts on paper, prioritize and create a timeline to complete the tasks. Place your list of tasks in a visible place like on the refrigerator where it is seen all the time. This serves as a reminder of tasks to be done, as well as noting the great progress that you are making.  Be sure that you involve your child in these tasks and identify the tasks that your child will be responsible for doing.  As you complete each task, check it off.


We have created a sample back to school checklist to help you get you and your family organized for the next school year. This will hopefully reduce anxiety not only for you but also for your child.

ü Remove Clutter and Clear the Air

Have you gone through your child’s closet lately? While it maybe something you want to avoid, once you start to clear the air, you will feel better at the end. Does your child have clothes that are too small, shoes that cannot fit, or toys that have not been removed from the toy box?   This is a great time to donate these items or give them to a younger sibling or family member. By clearing out the closet, you will know exactly what your child needs for the upcoming school year. 


ü Re-establishing Bedtime

Establishing a nighttime routine two weeks prior to school, will help your child transition. It is important that your child have at least 8 hours of sleep or more if your child is younger. Know it or not, children who get enough sleep perform at a higher level and are more likely to learn in school.


ü Establish an Academic Routine

Camp is over.  School begins. Give your child the added confidence by reviewing reading and math concepts from the last school year. One or two hours a week is a good start to review and get your child in the academic mind set. Make it fun! If you need assistance, YourChoiceTutor is here to help your child get a jump start on the new school year.


ü Meet Your Child’s Teacher

Once you know the name of your child’s teacher, introduce yourself.  If you are able to meet face to face, introduce yourself to the school counselor and principal.  It is a great way to establish an immediate connection with the school. Set a positive tone for your child and your child will learn that you are there to support him.  If you are not able to get an appointment, send an introductory email.  

Make sure you have the needed school supplies for your child’s class. Set up a time to talk with your child about school.  Ask your child specifically what he/she learned in school each day. Do probe for specifics, for example, what did you do during the reading block today? What story did you read, tell me something that you recall from the story. This way your child will pay attention to lessons in class because he/she knows you are interested in what is being done in school.


Each family is unique and your readiness plan will vary to suite your family's needs. Most importantly, remember to demonstrate on-going support for your child’s school and teacher. Schools cannot educate your child alone.  Present a positive attitude toward school and the individuals who work with your child and you will become a model for your child.


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