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FAQ For Tutors




  Please read the following. To ensure that you understand our processes, there will be a short questionaire for you to take at the end.



 When you choose to work with YourChoiceTutor, you will be an independent contractor and not an employee.  Tutors have full responsibility for utilizing the YourChoiceTutor website and related communication tools for setting up appointments with students and entering the lesson details into the system. Tutors are responsible for familiarizing themselves with our processes and must be able effectively communicate key aspects of YourChoiceTutor.

YourChoiceTutor offers face to face in person tutoring at this time.  Tutors will travel to the student tutoring location. The suggested tutoring session locations should take place a convenient location for both you and the student/parent such as a library, community centre, or church to name a few.


Tutoring opportunities: How it works

  • Check your email:    Tutor postings will be sent you and other qualified tutors via email through YourChoiceTutor email system. If you are interested, you can reply to the job. If you are not interested, there is no requirement to reply to this sort of generic job notification.



  All correspondences between you and prospective students will be done via YourChoiceTutor’s internal email system. Before you are allowed to exchange phone numbers or meet with a YourChoiceTutor student, he or she must first have completed all necessary YourChoiceTutor registration process. Even after a registration process is complete, phone numbers are exchanged, we require that all email correspondence go through YourChoiceTutor email system and not your personal email address.


At the end of this registration, you will have an opportunity to set your hourly rate to whatever you see fit. Of this rate, you will receive a fixed and majority share of any amount billed with no taxes withheld since you are an independent contractor, not an employee. Students pay YourChoiceTutor directly for all tutoring services, and YourChoiceTutor in turn sends payment to you via your PayPal account or check on the 1st and 15th of each month.


Welcome!  The first thing to do is complete our free signup process. You create your tutor profile that will be displayed in search results.
Please ensure that you have all your information to fill the form out correctly.


If you have previous tutoring experience, this will only add to your credibility as a tutor and your services.
If you are getting started, you can build your credentials as you gain experience. Make your personality come through as you answer questions.


Love deciding what your time is worth? You select the hourly rate you want to bill by subject. The choice is yours.


Please enter a personal statement
Please describe you teaching/tutoring experience


Please indicate the subjects you would like to tutor: (Less is more: There is advantage to pick a few areas to specialize in rather than everything).




We review every profile, so please make sure your profile conforms to the following standards:
Each profile must have a clear, professional picture (you can upload when you log in)
Each profile must have relevant and substantive answer to the open ended questions
Each profile must have an up to date education, location, and subject information
You will be able to edit your information from your profile when you log in.


Submit a resume and three references to

We are committed to safety and peace of mind, a background check service is available through a third party service. 



Contact Us:




What is YourChoiceTutor?

A: our online platform that enables parents or students an easy way to connect directly with tutors, coaches, or speech therapist.  Teachers, university students, or professionals are able to find and provide part-time tutoring opportunities. YourChoiceTutor's tutoring subjects include a wide range of academic disciplines for K-12th grade.

Is this part-time or full-time opportunity?
A: Most of our tutors work a few hours a week to supplement their income and make a difference in the lives of their students. While there are tutors who work more hours per week, please note that it requires time and a lot of persistence to establish and maintain a large client base.

Are there any formal requirements to be a tutor for YourChoiceTutor?
A:  You are responsible for determining your tutoring curriculum, methods, and style. For some subjects, tutors are required to complete a brief questionnaire to confirm their subject matter expertise. We review each tutor on a case-by-case basis so there are no formal requirements.  We hope that you have experience  working with students, enjoy working  with people, have great  communication and people skills, and have a professional presence at all times.  We are committed to safety and peace of mind and request that a background check be completed.  A third party service is available for you to obtain your background check.


    What do I do after I give a lesson?

A: After you give a lesson to a student, you are responsible for reporting your hours to YourChoiceTutor via your web based account.

1.     To report your tutor sessions, always check your “Dashboard” located under the “My Account” menu.

From “Dashboard,” click on “Manage Logs” then click on “Tutors” and follow the prompts.

Once you submit documentation of the completed tutoring session, we will email the details to the student so that the student can verify session details. 

2.       To request payment, under “My Account”, find “My Transactions” then click on “Withdrawal” and follow the prompts.   

 Am I ever permitted to be paid directly by the customer?

A: No, all payments are processed by YourChoiceTutor directly. All payments of any type must be processed by YourChoiceTutor.

May I use my personal email to correspond with a student?
A: No, our policy requires that you use your YourChoiceTutor email system for all email correspondence with your student. This is a very important policy since it protects both tutors and students in the event of scheduling misunderstandings, session cancellations, payment disputes, and rate changes.

How do I create my tutor profile? 

A. Click on the My Account tab. Then click on Public Profile tab.


How do I choose the subjects that I would like to tutor? 

A. Click on the Create tutor package tab.





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